Monday, July 16, 2012

Wild Planet Salmon Salad

I much prefer fish to beef, pork or even chicken, but as seafood prices have risen and sustainability becomes ever more a concern, I have been eating much less fish as well, but canned tuna in water continues to be a staple -- lean protein that is easy to prepare.

After a batch of not so great grocery store brand albacore, even the old standby was suspect, but now there is hope in canned seafood from Wild Planet Foods.  Their products are by no means inexpensive, but you get what you pay for in this case.

Tonight it was once again too hot to cook, so I decided that tuna fish salad was the way to go.  When I discovered a can of salmon in the cupboard, I upgraded.

It was so tasty that I ate it all before I really even thought about taking a photo.

I started with six ounces skinless boneless canned Alaskan pink salmon.  No water, no oil - just fish and fish juice, which meant that there was no need to drain the can and which also meant I could use a lot less dressing.

I added fresh dill, organic whole grain mustard, Miracle Whip light (I know, I know, but I haven't gotten too far on making my own dressings yet), and magic cheese.  All of these were to taste -- probably five or six torn sprigs of dill, about a teaspoon each of mustard and Miracle Whip, and a generous sprinkle of cheese.  I  added small quantities until I was satisfied with the look, feel and flavor.

There is certainly room for a little salt & pepper and perhaps a bit of celery and/or relish and/or onion for crunch.  Serve it on a bed of lettuce or sprouts or chips or make a sandwich.

I ate mine right out of the mixing bowl ... but I did take the time to use a fork.

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