Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Layered Omelette

Usually when I make an omelette, I beat the eggs, mix in whatever other ingredients I want to include and pour the whole mixture into a hot pan.

Today I decided to try layering instead.

I chopped up several slices of prosciutto and heated them in a pan.  Once they started to crisp, I poured two beaten eggs over them.  I let eggs and prosciutto cook for a moment and then sprinkled shredded cheese over the eggs.  I cooked the mixture with minimal disturbance until almost set before loosening carefully and flipping bravely.  (I must have had the courage of my convictions because everything stayed in the pan.)

After switching off the heat under the pan, I steamed some chopped zucchini separately and scattered it over the omelette once I had slid it onto a plate -- the plate which covered the bowl of zucchini while it was steaming, so it was nice and hot.

I'm not entirely sure that it was *better* than the way I usually prepare omelettes, but I could tell the difference, tasting layers of flavor rather than simply a blend of flavors.

As a side note, hot food really should be served on warm plates.  I remember my father putting plates into the oven to warm a few minutes before dinner was ready.  I remember warnings about hot plates from waiters in restaurants.  I never gave it a whole lot of thought or really made any kind of connection.  Only when I read The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry in which there is an instance when the author fails a test because she did not warm the plate did I put it together.  (Keeping a few glasses in the freezer for cold beverages is an excellent idea, too.)

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