Saturday, January 1, 2011

A bit more depth and breadth to go with the previous post

Things I want to do or finish this year, from general to specific, and in no particular order.  I am not big on New Year's Resolutions, but it can't hurt to have some sort of plan.
  1. Read LOTR.  Yes, I am a geek and a nerd, and no, I have never readLOTR.  I made three attempts to read The Hobbit.  I tried to watch the Peter Jackson films, and couldn't make it through the first one, but I am learning about role playing games (specifically Dungeons & Dragons), and the references and influence are everywhere.  I think that it is time that I find out and understand what people are talking about.
  2. Read The Chronicles of Narnia.  I read two or three of them a long time ago, but never finished the entire series.  Watching the new Disney films makes me want to go back, reread and finish, in part to compare to the film offerings and in part to simply enjoy the stories.  (I am not particularly interested in the religious themes, perceived or otherwise.)
  3. Learn about anime (and manga).  It's a fascinating art form which has eluded my interest for some time, but then someone introduced me toCowboy Bebop, and I became intrigued.  It's not nearly as isolated an art form as I thought it would be, although I am not sure why I am surprised.  References I have come across mean thatNeuromancer by William Gibson and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick (in graphic novel, novel and film form) have moved further up the reading list.  I have discovered anime based on Shakespeare and Dumas and Kurasawa, and I discovered that Howl's Moving Castle was first a book by Diana Wynne Jones before Hayao Miyazaki filmed it.
  4. PMP certification -- at least the training.  I am not as sure about taking the exam and completing the certification because I am not sure if it is something that I really want to do and/or maintain and because I am not certain the the work I have been doing for the last four years really qualifies as project management.  (The online course I am going to take should help in that respect.)
  5. Possibly find a new job.  Depends on how number 4 goes.
  6. Read x number of the fabulous cookbooks I have on my cookbook shelves and try y number of recipes from each.  X and y need to turn into actual numbers, but I am making this list somewhat off the cuff, and the cookbook library is not nearby, so this item will require future expansion and clarification.  I received a lovely book about soups as a Christmas gift, and books by Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid and by David Tanis have been beckoning for a while.  Making flatbread on unglazed kitchen tiles definitely needs to be on the list.  I think that one new recipe a week might be a reasonable goal.  Also, I have a lovely collection of recipes from family and friends which I have begun compiling in a cookbook so that they are easier to find, use and share than they are on recipe cards and photocopies and in folders.  I want to finish the cookbook this year.  (I am using if anyone is interested and thus far am quite impressed with the application.)
  7. Clean out the storage unit.  I am down to the hard part as most everything in there is stuff I want to keep, but don't really have space for in the house.  It has been two years, however, and I wanted to get it done in one year.  Actually, I wanted to get it done in six months, but I knew even at the time that that idea was just plain silly.  Some tough love is definitely called for.  As a corollary, but I don't think quite deserving of its own item, I need to get the stuff off the porch and organize the whole upstairs better.
  8. Largely due to a buy one, get one free sale (and a few other coupons/deals), I went on a bit of a graphic novel buying binge, so I have a nice, healthy stack.  I should get those read.  I might even try to go back and finish reading Batman: Hush, which I put down after a shocking revelation and have never picked up since.
  9. Use the Wii.  I finally got my own little tv, and a bunch of games for Christmas, so I should play with my fancy, expensive little toy.
  10. Write.  I did better last year with the blog than I think I ever have, so I need to keep the progress moving forward.  One of last year's quasi-goals was to write something about every book I read and every film I saw.  It only sort of worked, but it makes for a good starting point.  April can be Script Frenzy, and November is National Novel Writing Month.  There is an unfinished screenplay which needs work, and the beginnings of two novels which could do with some serious attention.  The web site offers a number of courses which intrigue me, and that might be a good summer project, depending on their schedule.
  11. Read.  Related to 1, 2 and eight, not to mention the reading challenges I have signed up for, but my basic goal of a book a week remains the same.
  12. Knit.  I started several projects intended as Christmas gifts, and only one got finished.  I need to finish the others.  I also want to finish the fabulous sweater coat which I started ages ago.  My mother has received two scarves thus far, and likes them so much that she wants an afghan.  I don't think that is a realistic 2011 project for a number of reasons, but I'll put it on the radar just for fun.
Twelve months in a year, and twelve projects/goals.  Not exactly a one for one sort of setup, but a bit of symmetry or balance.  Sounds like a good start to me.  Time will tell how it goes.

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