Saturday, June 12, 2010

Margarita Chemistry

Last year, a family friend sent a marvelous pitcher from Estes Park Glass Works, and it was almost immediately dubbed the margarita pitcher.

As a result, I started making margaritas.

The first batch was basic and according to a recipe in a book called High Spirits: 1 1/2 ounces tequila, 1/2 an ounce of triple sec, juice from half of a lime and salt for the glass.  I put the liquor, lime juice and a bunch of ice in the blender and hit the button labeled "liquify."


A bit strong, and someone decided to add sugar, but I thought it was just the thing for a Memorial Day barbecue.

One of the leftovers from said barbecue was most of a twelve pack of Minute Maid pink lemonade, so the first experiment was the above recipe, doubled and with a can of pink lemonade.

Even more yum.  And a bit more dangerous as the pink lemonade disguised the taste of the liquor quite effectively.

As spring has been masquerading as summer from time to time this year, the margarita experimentation began a bit earlier.

The first variation attempted this year was substituting the can of lemonade for close to a pound of fresh, rinsed strawberries and a bit of sugar.  (I didn't measure, but it couldn't have been more than about a tablespoon.)  The yum continued.

Next up were peaches.  Not as much of a success, but I think that the real problem was a lack of lime juice.  I think that lime juice is the key to this particular concoction.

Today I tried a can of green tea ginger ale.  This time I had lime juice, and I was back to yum, although I think that it would have turned out better had the ginger ale been thoroughly chilled.  I will have to note that for next time.

Well, the next time I make green tea ginger ale margaritas.

The next experiment is going to involve the sorbet in the freezer.  I have lemon, and I have mango tangerine (I think -- some kind of citrus at any rate).  Sorbet really could do with a bit of liquor to spice things up, wouldn't you agree?

(You'll notice that none of these drinks contain "margarita mix." Do I even want to know what is in "margarita mix"? Other than sugar or high fructose corn syrup or some other close relative, probably not.)

I recommend that margaritas be consumed from a chilled glass and through a bendy straw.

7-3-10 Edit to add: The mango tangerine sorbet margarita experiment was conducted yesterday with great success.

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